Lunar Lander on CREY

Notice: This article is no longer relevant, as CREY Games had shut down. Don't even bother clicking the links, it's gone. You can still check out the video and screenshots provided here.

The classic Moon landing arcade game of the late 70's is now back, on CREY!

Although, it never really went anywhere. This game can be found all over the internet if you look for it. But that's not the point. Now it's also on CREY, and it shows that You can make a similar game too!

See how I mess up all the time.

About the Game


You need to gently land on a flat surface. If you land with too much speed, the spacecraft will explode. Also, watch your angle! It needs to land on its feet, not sideways.


You can play with either the arrow or W A S D keys.

  • Use A / and D / keys to rotate the spacecraft.
  • Use W / to apply thrust.

Pro Tip

If you want to score big, you need to cut it close. If you make your spacecraft go slow, you're burning all your fuel just to constantly fight against gravity. The highest score in theory is 1000 points, done by 4 successful landings with a 5x multiplier each time.

For inspiration, this is what a smooth landing looks like:

Don't try this at home, try it on CREY!

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