Pepitautomat is Back!

Notice: This article is no longer relevant, as CREY Games had shut down. Don't even bother clicking the links, it's gone. You can still check out the screenshots provided here, plus web-based remake is on the way!

After I had to remove the old version because Adobe Flash is no longer supported, I ported the game to CREY. And not just that, but I added 7 more levels!

The original game was just one level, where you had to turn the whole checkerboard into one single color. Later I realized that it's also possible to have all kinds of interesting shapes, and have that as a goal, making the game much more interesting, and longer.

To manipulate the checkerboard, you need to press the buttons at the lattice points. This will invert the color of the 4 neighboring tiles. You gain ⭐-s for completing levels, and extra ⭐-s for completing them in the minimum number of steps. Every ⭐ unlocks one level.

Picture gallery.