My First Multiplayer Game on CREY is Out Now!

Notice: This article is no longer relevant, as CREY Games had shut down. Don't even bother clicking the links, it's gone. You can still check out the video and screenshots provided here.

My first multiplayer game, "Lava Pit Guys" is out CREY now! And come to think of it, this is my first multiplayer game on any platform.

Lava Pit Guys Trailer.

The game features an arena, the Lava Pit, where the players must survive for 2 minutes. Sounds easy enough, but! The two biggest platforms are actually part of a scale, that starts tipping one way or the other depending on the weight of the players standing on it. The smaller platforms also submerge a few seconds after stepping on them. And to make matters worse, the lava is constantly rising, making the scale dipping into the lava much sooner!

Can you be the last man standing and receive your chicken dinner? Try it out now on CREY!

Screenshot gallery