Motorized LEGO Technic Train Bogie with Buffers

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This has the same size, wheel distance and buffer placement as the official train motor. But since the drive-axle comes up, you can use a larger motor instead, or add gear transmission for extreme speeds.

The Technic bogie with the drive-axle going up.

Because the build is Technic, it's very sturdy and won't fall apart. The buffers are also held on tightly, despite how it might initially look. I made this for an Arduino controlled train project, where I'm using a Power Functions L motor. This setup allows for better torque at lower speeds than the old train motor.

The building instructions contain not just the motorized bogie, but a regular one as well, along with a motor mount. The motorized and regular bogies are perfectly in level.

Building instructions

You can download the building instructions from here:

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