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About the app

The point of this app is that it doesn’t have any :D
The idea – and the graphics – are from a program called Comenius Logo, there was this little kitten who tried to eat the mouse (the cursor). In my version she succeeds.

But let’s see how it works:
I tell you right away how to quit: click on the kitten and press Esc.
The settings menu can be found among the system tray icons next to the clock (like on the cover picture above). Here you can change the size, speed and behavior of our kitty, and there’s also an exit button.

System requirements
  • Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10


  • For some reason Windows Defender reported false positive on previous version.


  • Now it is easier to free the cursor.
  • Both behaviors hide the mouse pointer when it gets eaten.
  • Fixed when cat moved a bit when startled.
  • Fixed when on some occasions the cat went back to sleep immediately after being dragged.


  • Added option not to trap the cursor when it gets eaten (this is now default).
  • Fixed how the app uses the registry.
Languages:english, hungarian
Last updated:13 November 2016
Published:24 April 2012


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Platform:Windows (32-bit)
File size:84.0 kB
MD5 hash: 8756bde0089c75abfd87d9a4c2bef652