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About the app

Vasparittya (pronounce something like “wash-par-it-ya”, meaning: iron-sling) is a tool for easily playing custom sound effects with any kind of input device available to a Windows PC. This includes: keyboards, mice and any DirectInput or XInput compatible joystick devices.

Custom sound effects are have to be edited and programmed by you. The programming part is made easy by using xml files. For examples, see default sound banks.

The sounds used in the default sound banks are copyrighted property of JoWooD Productions Software AG, id Software, L’art pour L’art társulat, and various groups, and thus they are for personal use only!

Programming Guide

The programming guide for making your own sound libraries is available online, and also from the downloaded application.

System requirements

Planned features:

  • Fix left and right trigger behavior on PS4 controllers.


  • Added english user manual on how to program sound libraries.
  • Embedded user manuals in executable file, so they will be regenerated if lost.
  • Added an example sound library for continuous playback.
  • Tweaked some settings in the default sound libraries.
  • Added Big Red Button mode to relabel F13-F16 buttons. Has to be turned on manually from settings.xml.


  • Added support for Unicode file and folder names (including the path to the app itself).
  • Added support for additional keyboard keys, like: F13 through F24, volume control keys, and so on.
  • Fixed D-pad (POV) input for DirectInput joysticks.
  • Fixed beeping sound when user presses any key after a bind while the button is still in focus.
  • Added properly formatted names for keyboard keys.
  • Added locale specific keyboard key names for Hungarian language (assuming user has keyboard with Hungarian layout).
  • Fixed some inconsistencies in localization strings, especially for Hungarian language.
  • Added support for mouse button 6, 7 and 8. At least in theory, as I have no hardware to test it.
  • Fixed Scroll Lock LED flashing bugs when active buttons are pressed concurrently.
  • Scroll Lock LED flashing is now limited to just keyboard inputs.
  • Fixed logarithmic volume control to be actually logarithmic.
  • Removed silly cover art.
  • Retargeted to .NET Framework 4.5
  • Updated VB Common Interface to latest version using the latest Web API.
  • Fixed CPU intensive reacquisition attempt when a DirectInput device is removed during runtime.
  • Added proper error message if DirectX is missing.
  • Removed accented characters from released ZIP archive, as not every system can handle the UTF-8 file names in it.
  • Known "issue": AltGr key on non-US keyboards register as both LCtrl and AltGr when pressed. You can still bind AltGr, but expect LCtrl to be firing too.
  • Known issue with PS4 controllers: The left and right triggers register as button 7 and 8 when pressed, and they are also analog axes but in an inverted way, so they trigger upon release.


  • Added LED control for flashing the Scroll Lock LED on the keyboard when a button is pressed.


  • Language is now properly initialized upon start.
  • Sound glitch fixes on continuous sounds without fade.


  • Added option: "continuous" programs can force analog inputs to still act as normal buttons, instead of manually controlling the volume.
  • Added option: "continuous" programs can determine whether they should continue or restart playback the next time their button is pressed.
  • XML files can now use either comma or dot as the decimal point.
  • Implements the new VB Common Interface, which handles common tasks like language and app settings control and adds a consistent look to the different applications.
Languages:english, hungarian
  • Full Controller Support
Last updated:21 August 2020
Published:7 February 2015


Extra downloadable content

Piano sound pack

Now you can turn anything into a piano. Just extract it next to the "Vasparittya.exe". You need to restart the app for the files to be loaded.

Download expansion