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About the game

If it’s Christmas, it’s Snowfight Time! Jake the dog and his brothers are playing against you in a snowball fight, can you outsmart them all? Also the battlefield is riddled with candies, if you find them all, you’ll have your Xmas dose of sugar.


Move: W A S D
Menu: Esc
Throw snowball: Left mousebutton
Look: Mouse

System requirements


  • Retargeted to 64-bit architecture and .NET 4.5.
  • Updated irrKlang to version 1.6, 64 bit.
  • Since health is measured in warmth, the fireplace now restores up to 3 health points (and then goes out).
  • Fireplace light dims as it gets consumed.
  • Added a retry button to both the fail and victory screens.
  • Recoded sounds to ogg.
  • Changed default FOV to 85 degrees.
  • Music ON/OFF switch now also controls end-screen tunes.
  • Minor fixes and improvements.


  • Added Hungarian translation.
  • AI is now detecting other Jakes as obstacles and recalculate path if someone gets in the way.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the game in windowed mode to be played anywhere other that the center of the primary screen.
  • When putting the game into full screen mode, now it will do it on the current screen it is on instead of always using the primary.
  • Made the menu more brighter and colorful.
  • Made the roads and all outdoor sprites covered in snow.
  • Changed pillars to sprites, and with that gone there are no more partial tiles so I made a few minor performance improvements.
  • Removed snow particles painting themselves to the ground (since it is already covered in snow).
  • Better input response (I think, it's hard to tell).
  • Made Jake's legs a bit thicker.


  • Improved performance by adding some tricks I implemented in later iterations of the engine.
  • Improved mouse aim.
  • Properly animated Jake's arms and legs.
  • Replaced the Wolf3D barrels with my own drawings.
  • Changed spawn point to a more christmassy one.
  • Framecap changed to 60 FPS.
  • Merged resources into one file.
  • Minor lighting change.
  • Removed unused assets and functions (18 megabytes!).


  • Highly improved ray-casting for more accurate rendering and better performance.
  • Slight change in the intro text.


  • You can change sound volume, music volume, FOV and mouse sensitivity in the settings menu.
  • Smoother player movement.
  • Enemies shoot where you probably WILL be, not where you are now.
  • Snowball splatter animation no longer dissolve into walls.
  • Nicer snowfall.
  • Mouse speed slowed down while zooming.


  • On some systems the game started with a blank screen, then the menu started flickering and couldn't receive any user input.


  • Even though the VC++ runtime library was installed, irrKlang threw an error under Windows XP, so I added msvcr100.dll next to the exe.
  • Icon changed to the game's own one.
Game mode:single-player
Languages:english, hungarian
Platform:Windows, Windows
Last updated:6 October 2019
Published:24 December 2012


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Platform:Windows (64-bit)
File size:7.2 MB
MD5 hash: 0cd14c8e4aba0998c175375917b97d11
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Platform:Windows (32-bit)
File size:9.1 MB
MD5 hash: 373886e6c4da7595a8a8bd33015cb30f