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About the game

The goal is simple: get from point A to point B in one piece while an army of zombies and trollfaces are trying to stop you. And like if it wasn’t enough, the facility’s automated security system is also your enemy! But don’t panic, the map is full of ammunition and medpacks.

You can discover this dangerous world in a top-down view, where lights play an important role. The flashlight becomes a crucial item, which can be switched on and off with the F key. In many parts of the map you’ll have to find your way in pitch black while fending off enemies. Luckily they’re just as blind in the dark as you are, but beware, if you get too close they sense you!

The game has full support for the Xbox 360 Controller! (or any other controller that either uses XInput or has the same button and axis binding)

The game was made as a school project, the task was to create a video game in C# under the .NET framework.

INSTALL: Just unpack it anywhere, and run “CodenameZ_IncompleteOperation.exe”.

System requirements
  • Windows XP or newer
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
  • Visual C++ Redistributable x86
  • Microsoft DirectX 9 (optional, only for playing with an Xbox Controller)
  • Sound card (optional, but strongly recommended)


  • Added 60fps frame cap.
  • Removed the attack music from the Nyan Cat. (Kept that scourge though...)
  • Added half second cooldown for enemy screams when being shot.
  • Changed DirectX "error" to a friendly notification about the need of installing DX if you want to play with a game controller.


  • Title changed to "Codename Z: Incomplete Operation" because "BETA" was misleading.
  • Removed unused "Input.ini".


  • Added help page about Xbox controller button layout.
  • Title officially changed to "Codename: Z BETA", and it will be a standalone game without any future updates.


  • Some minor improvement of the package files.


  • Intro picture.
  • Sounds and textures are now stored in two package files.
  • Added Nyan Cat enemy.


  • There was still a point when the game crashed for users without DirectX installed.
  • Changed zombies health from 100 to 80.


  • Now the game can run even if no DirectX or sound card installed.


  • Crashes on some systems (mostly XP) now fixed.
Genre:Top-down shooter
Game mode:single-player
  • Full support for Xbox Controller
Last updated:19 November 2016
Published:24 April 2012


Download Application
Platform:Windows (32-bit)
File size:7.7 MB
MD5 hash: 45640907b1fe58547fc4bd3e6a827acf