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About the game

Base game required: “Jazz Jackrabbit 2: The Secret Files” or “Jazz Jackrabbit 2: The Christmas Chronicles”.

The big hit platformer game of the 90’s now returns with a brand new adventure, where the evil turtles kidnap our hero’s love, who has to go through many trials to save her.
There are 7 different levels full of treasures, secrets, challenges and lots of enemies, waiting to be discovered.

Jazz Jackrabbit 2™, Copyright (c) 1997-1998 Epic MegaGames, Inc.

How to Install

Copy the contents of the downloaded zip file to where you have installed the game.
When you start a new game, the first maps will show up in the “Home Cooked Levels” episode, named: “JJ2-TV A Teknősök Városa”.


1. Carrot Ville (2) (boss)
The evil turtle and his minions has invaded the home of the rabbits, Jazz must fight his way through their ranks.

2. Only Tarzan’s Missing (3)
Turtle Town is on an another continent, so Jazz must make his way to the nearest dock, and that takes him through the jungle.

3. The Nautilus is Sinking! (4)
Jazz’s ship wrecks on a spooky island, he must escape from the sinking ship.

4. Haunted Town (5) (boss)
The haunted town is filled with the restless. Jazz cannot leave until he defeats the devil.

5. The Titanic is Sinking! (1)
Jazz is out of luck again, it’s the second ship that sinks under him, but luckily he’s not too far from the shores.

6. Suburbs (3) (boss)
Getting ashore, Jazz finds himself in the suburbs. He must now make his way downtown.

7. Turtle Town (3) (boss)
Jazz has finally arrived in Turtle Town, his goal is to defeat the turtle boss and save Eva.

(The numbers after each title are my personal valuations of those levels: 3 is OK, 5 is best and 1 is worst. Of course this is highly subjective, and relative.)

System requirements
  • Windows 95/98 or newer (tested up to Windows 10)
  • DirectX 5 or newer
  • 30 MB free space on the hard drive
  • Keyboard
  • Soundcard (optional)


  • Telepítő kiszedve, a magyarítással együtt (sajnos muszáj volt), a pályákhoz mostantól szükséges az alapjáték birtoklása.
  • Némi kozmetikázás a pályákon.
  • Összes elírás és helyesírási hiba javítva.


  • Apróbb szépséghibák kijavítva a pályákon.
  • Néhány eddig túl nehéz rész most finomítva.
  • Némi segítség a Titanic-os pályán a feladatot illetően.
  • Néhány pályán új zene.
  • Kijavított és korszerűsített súgó.
  • Teljesen felújított indító panel.
  • Új, korszerű telepítő.
Genre:Side-scrolling platformer
Game mode:single-player
  • Partial Controller Support
Last updated:4 December 2016
Published:26 September 2010


Download Application
Platform:Windows (32-bit)
File size:1.8 MB
MD5 hash: f368e82e8bb0e16eaa2acc3456f62695