Early demos / Max és Jack: Rémálmok (Max and Jack: Nightmares)

This is what happens when you grow up on Tom and Jerry and Doom. I started making this short movie in 2006 but never finished it, and I probably never will.

Since the movie is in Hungarian, here is the translation for the ending (watch the movie first!):
“And then a demonic Jack appears, and after a short fight he destroys our hero. Sam wakes up in his bed, dripping in sweat, realizing it was just a nightmare. Or was it? After coming out of his hole, he founds the same opening on the floor he saw in his dream, but now it is quiet, only a faint whisper can be heard from below. He steps closer to investigate, but then accidentally slips, and falls into the abyss.”
This was the point where I realized I’m not that good with drawing and animating to finish the remaining scenes, yet, so this short remained unfinished.