Developer Blog / Projects in Progress

3D Voxel Game Engine

Create 3D game engine from scratch in C++ using SDL2 (OS abstraction), OpenGL (visuals), Bullet Physics and Squirrel (in-game logic), then use this to make a voxel-based first person roguelike game with a fully random generated and destructible world.

Codename Z

Started off as a university project where I was writing a 2D game, then later ported it to 2.5 dimensions using a CPU based ray-cast rendering technique, similar to what they used in the Wolfenstein 3D or Doom games.

Star Trek working combadge

The goal is to recreate a working combadge from Star Trek which chirps when the wearer touches it, just like in the movies. The badge is the one used in the Deep Space 9 and Voyager series.