Motorized LEGO Technic Train Bogie with Buffers (Updated)

This has the same size, wheel distance and buffer placement as the official train motor. But since the drive-axle comes up, you can use a larger motor instead, or add gear transmission for extreme speeds.

The first version I made had a fatal flaw, which caused the gears to skip under heavier load. I made a few changes to hold the gears more tightly in place. While at it, I also updated the motor mount. It is now placed lower, and also fits into a 4 blocks wide profile, allowing to build around it.

Because the build is Technic, it's very sturdy and won't fall apart, unlike similar contraptions made from System bricks. The buffers are also held on tightly, despite how it might initially look. They are in direct contact with the underside of the train base, and because of that, the train pushes them down to keep them in place.

I made this for an Arduino controlled train project, where I'm using a Power Functions L motor. This setup allows for better torque at lower speeds than the old 9V train motor.

The building instructions contain not just the motorized bogie, but a regular one as well, along with a motor mount. The motorized and regular bogies are perfectly in level.

Building instructions

You can download the building instructions from here:

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