LEGO Beer Wagon for 0.5L Beer Cans

A beer wagon that can safely transport a 0.5L beer can. The build is very stable, the beer won't ever fall off, not even when taking corners at high speed.

"Don't drink bad beer, drink The Good Beer™!" (Message sponsored by The Good Beer Company Ltd.)

For the base and the bogies I'm using a custom design, not a train base plate (like 6584). This comes with one advantage and one disadvantage:

  • Pro: The pin from the bogie won't be in the way of the beer can, as it does not go through the base plate.
  • Con: The entire build is 1/3 block higher.

The middle section of the undercarriage features some stoppers for the bogies, so they cannot rotate more than they should when the wagon is off the tracks.

3D render of the beer wagon.

Building instructions