LEGO Advent Wreath

It is Advent season, and for that occasion, I have designed an Advent Wreath from LEGO!
You can add the flame pieces one by one on each Sunday.

The center is not actually hollow, because the 4x4 plate with 2x2 round open center (11833) does not exist in brown, and I did not want to use green because I wanted olive-green leaves, and the two different colors looked very bad together. Also, I did not want to use black either.

Instead, I went with a regular brown plate without hole (60474), and even added a small 2x2 round plate on top of it (4032). In contrast to all the green, it feels just right. Besides, I probably would not have been able to stick the 4x3 leaves (2423) to the bottom of the hollow plate.

Building Instructions