Early demos / Codename Z: Alpha Labs Sector A

About the game

Finally the time has come to publish the first alpha release of Codename Z!
There are no missions or AI for now, but now you can finally try out the whole weapon arsenal, the dynamic lights, the destroyable walls and everything the engine can do now in Retro Game 3D Technology (TM)!
To make it more interesting, I made a map especially for this alpha release, filled with surprises! Enjoy! ;)

The soldiers, weapon and door frame textures are copyrighted material of id Software.


Key bindings now can be changed in the settings menu!

Default keys:

Move: W A S D
Look: with the mouse or the arrow buttons
Shoot: Left mouse button
Moving with mouse: hold Right mouse button
Open doors: E
Flashlight: F
Night vision: N
Bullet time: hold Shift
Change weapon: numeric keys
Next weapon: Mouse wheel down
Previous weapon: Mouse wheel up

System requirements
  • Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0
  • Visual C++ Redistributable x86
  • Sound card (optional, but strongly recommended)


  • Light created for weapon flash now properly disappears after it's done.
  • Crosshair now point where it's going to shoot.


  • Switching between windowed and fullscreen mode no longer throws an error.
  • Switching between windowed and fullscreen mode with ALT+ENTER now updates it's menu button too.
Genre:First-person shooter
Game mode:single-player
Version:1.2 ALPHA
Last updated:26 March 2013
Published:13 March 2013


Download Application
Platform:Windows (32-bit)
File size:30.6 MB
MD5 hash: ea65c792bd712d632c98efd86411fe49