LEGO USS Enterprise NCC-1701 Microscale

I always wanted one of these, but I could never find one at this scale that I liked. Or when I did, it used some illegal building technique that only worked on render, not in real life.

To boldly leg godt, where no one has godt before.

The critical part is always how the warp nacelles are attached, because the ship is not one bulky structure, but instead several separate parts linked together by thin beams.

And then I have found this:

This guy called ElephantKnight had figured it out. But of course, I did not like how the rest of the ship was built, so it was time to design my own, using his MOC as a starting point. I also used some schematic drawings from the TV series to match the side and top-down silhouette of the ship, and I think I have nailed it for the most part. It's a bit flatter than it should be, but that's the best I could do at this scale.

Building instructions

You can download the building instructions from here:

Photo gallery