LEGO Romanesque Stone Church Microscale Diorama

After I finished my 8 by 8 Torii Gate diorama, I figured maybe I should make this a series. Each piece is exactly 8 by 8 studs, featuring something fun and cool looking, with the same 10 by 10 and 1 brick tall black base.

My second entry in this series is a Romanesque-style stone church with a little graveyard. I wanted to build a typical medieval European church with exposed stone and dark colors. It wasn't modeled after any specific church, and after a little research I realized it wasn't that typical either, at least not for all Europe. Churches like this one are more common in the northern parts, especially in Ireland.

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Unlike the Torii Gate, this one uses much darker colors. The grass is dark green, the dirt is dark tan, the roof is dark red, and the whole church is built with dark bluish gray pieces. There's even a dark red wreath on one of the graves.

Building instructions