LEGO Small Train Station

Since I have a lot of light bluish gray pieces now, I was thinking I should do some brutalist architecture, but I did not want it to be too retro-socialist. I also wanted it to be simple and light, and then I remembered that Japan has some train stations that are similar to what I imagined.

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The station name is not a greeting sign, "csendes-halom" means Silent Barrows :'D It's a fictional town in Hungary. For the letters, I have used the 1x1 round tile alphabet letters (77486) from the DOTS series.

Of all the images that I have found on Japanese train stations, this one was the main inspirator, the Shimonada Station in Ehime. I drew inspiration mostly from its simplicity, but I also used the same colors for the painted parts.

Shimonada Station in Ehime, Japan. (Unknown author)

The station has two platforms, and is 8 studs wide. With this size, it can be placed right after a rail switch.

Fits between two railway switches.

The station platform is 3 bricks and 1 plate tall, which puts it in level with the base plate of any wagon.

Station platform is in level with wagon base plate.

Building instructions