Rayman 2 Robot Pirate Fridge Magnet

Time to bring an old favorite to life! "Rayman 2: The Great Escape" is my childhood basically, having all those robot pirates, accompanied by their metal theme songs.

Orange and cyan lights work wonders on presenting metallic item.

So of course, since I can do some metal work, it was about time to make a fridge magnet featuring the robot Jolly Roger. I drew the shape in Adobe Illustrator based on a texture extracted from the game. I took some liberties with the proportions around the eyes and nostrils to have thicker walls between them.

My initial drawing in Adobe Illustrator over the original texture from the game. I drew only half, then mirrored it.

The piece features two layers of aluminum, the back piece with only the shape of the head accompanied by the wrenches, and the front piece with the head, with all the eye holes, nose, and the grates for the mouth carefully cut.

The size of the piece was ultimately determined by the size of the smallest hole. First, I drilled a smaller hole somewhere in the middle, then put a fretsaw in it by first detaching half of the blade, then reattaching it after the blade was pulled through the hole. This allowed me to make a rough cut. Then I used a file to achieve the final shape of the hole. Of course, for parts like the nostrils, I have to use a very tiny file, and at this size they are very fragile, making the process challenging and rather time-consuming.

Cut is done, ready for brushing.

To make these all those crevices look like there's something inside, I painted the back piece black at those spots. I used Pattex glue, as usual, to connect the two pieces together. Same for the magnet on the back.

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In case you want to do something with it, I present to you the outline template I used for the project: