The End of CREY Games

CREY Games was supposed to be a social game creator. People with no game development or programming background could pick it up and create something simple, then share it with their friends. Also, making it multiplayer was as easy as ticking a checkbox.

Unfortunately, this has come to an end now, as CREY Games had shut down due to lack of further funding because it failed to achieve product market fit in time.

So this is where the money goes...

This is really sad, because CREY could have been a fun little game editor with a community where you can share your work. Similar to Newgrounds, but without the need for professional third-party tools. Instead, you would have everything you need in one neat package with super simple and intuitive tools to build your 3D world and add some basic functionality to it by wiring together a few logical blocks. This could have been a great way for kids to discover game creation and have some sense of success early on, before they spend years on learning more professional tools like Unreal, Unity, or just programming in general.

For me, the “game creator for kids” in my young days were the level editor in Jazz Jackrabbit 2, and Comenius Logo, which is similar to Scratch but with written code instead.

Now, despite all this, you can still expect some CREY content from me in the future, because I still have tons of video footage on unfinished, and even finished stuff. Some are not even interactive, those were only ever intended to be shared as videos anyways.