LEGO Medium-Sized Dried Flower Centerpiece (Alternate Build)

This is an alternate build to the Dried Flower Centerpiece (10314) set. It uses 428 pieces, 52% of the original count.

There are several things about the original arrangement that I did not like:

  • It's too big and wide.
  • It has clearly been designed as a centerpiece, and not something to put on a shelf. (it's in the title, after all)
  • The chrysanthemum petals need constant adjusting as the clips are super weak, and even prone to damage.
  • The cattail looking thing made from gears varies too much from the rest of the build and looks weird.

I decided to make my own arrangement. The idea was to put the plants in a small bowl and have them point more upwards than sideways. I started by reducing the length of the base plate. I kept the original idea of the layered tow ball sockets, and started inserting the original plants into them until I had an arrangement I was satisfied with. A few of the plants were completely remodeled to fill in the gaps.

As most plants are exactly the same as in the original build, if you're about to modify your original build to this, remove the plants in one piece, and only disassemble the base.

Building instructions