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Hardware projects

Hardware related blog entries, organized by the projects they are about.

Star Trek working combadge (work in progress)

The goal is to recreate a working combadge from Star Trek which chirps when the wearer touches it, just like in the movies. The badge is the one used in the Deep Space 9 and Voyager series.

LED strip controller

It can drive an RGB LED strip which can be up to 25 meters long, using music as input. This can come from any device with a line level output (basically all PCs, mobile phones or Hi-Fi systems). It uses a visual equalizer which separates the audio into 3 channels: low, middle and high frequency, and each of these correspond to a specific color. The device also supports passive modes, where no input is needed.

Digital Car Voltage Meter

The device is able to display the car's battery voltage level, even when the engine is running. No need for opening the hood, it only needs to be pugged into the cigarette lighter.
Blog entry about the project:
  1. hu Digitális szivargyújtó voltmérő

Graph-based Simultaneous Localization and Mapping

This is my graduation project which I worked on with my partner, Dániel Takács. The goal was to create a software which can map its surrounding into virtual space using a Microsoft Kinect sensor, and then use this map to search for a path where a robot can safely navigate.

PID controller project (work in progress)

The goal is to design a PID controller using a micro controller, which controls a contraption made out of Lego.
Blog entry about the project:
  1. hu Lift PID szabályzó - Vol 1.

Early demos

These are my work-in-progress projects, which already have enough functionality to be showcased.


Websites I created for third parties (and myself). All based on my own CMS.

Short movies

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